Personal Profile
Domingo Smets

Origin: Tienen, Belgium

AR member since: 1999-2001 and since 2005

Instrument: Guitar, Backing Vocals


Charvel - 475

Ibanez - Prestige

ESP - Horizon (7-String)

Engl Invader 100

Engl 4x12" XXL PRO Cabinet E 412 XXL

Rocktron Intellifex

Former bands:

Agathocles, Renaissance, Gracefallen, Persephone's Blade

Side projects:

Major influences:

No specific names

Favourite CDs of all times:

Emperor : Prometheus

Dimmu Borgir : Enthrone Darkness Thriumphant

Rammstein : Mutter

Carcass : Symphonies of Sickness

Fields of the Nephilim : Elizium

Obituary : Slowly we rot