Ancient Rites concerts are only confirmed when they are mentioned on this list!! Keep in mind, that due to imposed measures in connection with COVID-19, flight-cancellations and other uncertainties that come with it, the confirmed dates may change in the future.

Date Town/City/Village Location Remarks/Other bands
12 Jul 2024 Chevenez (Sui) Cabane Forestière De Chevenez Forest Fest Open Air
Misþyrming, Black Altar, Nocturnal etc.
06 Sep 2024 Mennecy (Fr) Parc de Villeroy Mennecy Metal Fest
Korpiklaani, Lordi, Hypnos, Avulsed etc.
23 Nov 2024 TBA
22 Mar 2025 TBA
Oct 2025 Elgin (US) New Venue Metal Threat Fest 2025
God Dethroned, Desaster, Deströyer 666, Deathstrike, Nocturnal etc.

10 April 2023

Unfortunately the news that you guys all heard is true. Sinister, Ancient Rites, Exumer, and Undergang have had to cancel their appearances in the US due to their visas not being approved in time. While they were submitted to USCIS four months ago, no action has been taken on any of the petitions since they received them. At the time they were sent to USCIS the average petition approval time was one month and as of today it is two weeks, so whatever has happened to the petitions is anyone's guess. USCIS was contacted three weeks ago through the channels that they suggested and have yet to receive a response. We waited as long as possible before finding replacements, but it had to be done. The Undergang and Sinister visas are not a total loss though as they are both scheduled to tour the US later in the year, assuming USCIS gets actually approves the petitions at some point. As a result of Phrenelith sharing a member with Undergang, Phrenelith had to cancel their appearance as well, since they could not find a replacement member in time for the mini-tour. Gehenna also canceled their appearance, but waited until the last minute to tell me after months trying to get a response from them. So that was neat. I do hope the replacements are viewed as adequate given the short notice to replace all these bands. Metal Threat Fest 2023 welcomes the below bands to the fest! Updated schedule will be available next week. Nasty Savage replaces Exumer Hell Militia replaces Ancient Rites Cerebral Rot replaces Undergang SLAGMAUR replaces Gehenna Cardiac Arrest (US) replaces Phrenelith The replacement for Sinister is still pending and will hopefully be confirmed this weekend. Also, in the event that you are skeptical about what was said about the visa situation, please see the below Receipt Numbers provided from USCIS for the bands that weren't approved in time. It is public information to look up and are able to see the receipt dates and the last action on them from USCIS. WAC2306850248 WAC2306950425 WAC2306950396 WAC2306950158 USCIS Receipt lookup link:

29 September 2021

Under The Black Sun has been moved to next year. The dates from Poland will probably be moved to next year, but there are no specific dates known yet.

26 March 2021

Farewell to Walter. ​

Dear friends, due to Corona restrictions, Walter's funeral took place yesterday, in a smaller circle. So many who would've attended couldn't be there. But I tried to write an eye witness account of his last moments on earth, I'd like to share with you. So you can have an idea. And to honour him. Thank you for your countless reactions on my previous post. Much appreciated.

WALTER’S FUNERAL (24/03/2021)

Dear friends, a sincere THANK YOU for the countless condolences and heart-warming messages we received regarding our deceased Brother in Arms Walter. His funeral took place this morning. It was an intimate ceremony for family and colleagues , limited because of Corona measures. To share the experience with you, I will try to describe, in a few words, his last moments on earth.

This past week has been difficult. Twice I went to the funeral home to greet Walter. One time with my wife and the classic band line up + old crew , the second time with our current band line-up and a friend. I must confess it was a shock to actually see our companion on his deathbed. After spending an hour by his side, I felt guilty when we left. To leave him behind, laying there alone, with sad classical music playing on the background, felt “”. Irrational, I know. But you see, for 30 years, we always looked out for each other, on the road.wrong We arrived and left together. When leaving, I had to go back in and put my hand on his shoulder. As if to comfort him but also myself. I noticed my wife Maria also went back upon leaving, to look at him for a last time. During my 2nd and last visit, I noticed Erik responded in a similar way, by placing his hand on Walter’s shoulder ,when we left. After all, 30 years is a Life Time. It’s hard to walk out, especially when the bond always has been strong. Not only being friends but working and travelling the world as a unit, facing obstacles together.

As a band, we stood for an hour around his deathbed. A friend who had accompanied us, said she suddenly realised she was witnessing a special, awkward moment: the last time we were together as a band.

My wife and I received an invitation to attend the funeral. I had one day to order and pick up two funeral wreaths. One in the name of my wife and myself, the other with our band name.

My father, who knew him very well too, as he always has been part of the A.R. crew, taking care of the merchandise, went along and took us there.

When we arrived at the church, I was moved when I saw Walter’s coffin. Someone had draped a Kiss scarf over it. As a child, Walter discovered Hard Rock, when he saw early Kiss perform on TV. This was long before their mainstream hit single. That moment, he decided that one day, he’d play in a band. But what moved me the most, was our Ancient Rites logo, central on his coffin. I felt that strange kind of “dust in the eye”, when noticing that symbolic statement. Later, a small white teddy bear was added, from his daughter Arina, I presume.

During the Funeral Service, I was approached by the Funeral Home’s “Master of Ceremonies”. He whispered that Walter’s wife Iana had sent him to inquire, if I was willing to ask the people for a final applause, at the end of the ceremony. When his coffin would be carried out to the hearse, music of Ancient Rites would be playing on the background. Since it would be Walter’s final appearance in public, it seemed appropriate, a last applause, as if he had played a final gig. Of course I agreed.

When the time had come, I was given a sign and went to the front and took my place behind the microphone. I apologized in case my unprepared words wouldn’t come fluent. But they came naturally. I let the heart speak. I didn’t ask for the applause yet. I thought he deserved a few words. I described to his family and colleagues what a talented musician he had been, respected for his work in our music scene. What a loyal friend he had been, honest, always standing our ground, even when no one else believed in us. His determination in difficult times, how many band and crew members we had to bury, as if our band always had been cursed. The external and internal troubles we had faced. How we had traveled the world and kept on smiling, even when ending sometimes on the road without a roof over our heads. I didn’t even tell them how sometimes things had gone terribly wrong. When corrupt tour agencies hadn’t paid for the tour bus and we were left behind, abroad on the streets, in winter. We toured on, by public transport, with what we could carry, meanwhile earning just enough money to buy tickets to get back home, after the shows. Telephoning concert promoters, with our last money, if they could order tickets for the train or bus in advance, so we could get to their clubs. We toured/traveled on, without money to buy food, sleeping on floors, finding shelter for the rain in telephone boots. I did tell though, how hard it had been to say farewell to him at the Funeral Home, to leave him behind “just like that”. Because we always had looked out for each other. For a moment, I couldn’t speak, during this trip down our shared memory lane, emotions became too big, when I visualized everything in my mind. Throat shut down. But I managed to regain control and…I talked about you all. I thought his family and colleagues should know about your thousands of messages, public and in private. From all over the world, that had reached us, expressing your respect and affection for Walter, the memories you shared, the sadness you felt. How you were praising his achievements. I noticed I controlled my voice so I could speak steady and clear but somehow without realizing, I had lost control over that damn dust in my eyes. I am not a crying type. Never have been. As a child at primary school, in prehistoric times, I didn’t even shed a tear when teachers were hitting me for bad tests. Or were banging my head on a sports bench because I wasn’t good at sports. They were not worthy of my tears, no room for self-pity, either. Now I thought I had everything under control but streams of tears were rolling down my cheeks. This was different. This was not about me, this was about Walter. However, when I looked up at the people, I saw I wasn’t alone being troubled by the metaphorical “dust in the eye”.

It was time to ask for Walter’s last applause. But I felt the hand clapping should symbolize more than a final applause after a concert. He deserved one for his LIFE and everything he did and was. History always played an important part in our band’s concept. I mentioned the last words of the Roman Emperor Augustus. It is written in ancient sources, that on his deathbed, he reflected on his life and spoke the following final words: "The play is over. Have I played the part well? Then applaud as I exit." I addressed the crowd and said “Perhaps the Emperor didn’t receive one but I think we can safely say Walter’s life was a success and certainly worth an applause”. I heard the clapping hands but when I looked up, I saw that everyone also had risen to their feet and gave Walter a standing ovation. Heart-warming. I stepped down, quickly touched his coffin as a last brotherly gesture, as I walked to my back seat. The staff of the Funeral Home lifted his coffin and while the Ancient Rites intro “Golden Path to Samarkand” played, Walter was taken away. On his last journey, to his final destination, under applause. Normally, after this intro we would start playing, now there was only silence.

I wish all of you could have been there. He surely deserved a bigger farewell. Strange times we live in, Corona and all. But because of this eyewitness report, now you know how it all went. And I try to compensate with the means I have, to share it with you all and give Walter the attention he deserved. That’s all I can do, unfortunately.

The last I saw of Walter, in the back of the hearse, was his coffin with the logo of Ancient Rites. Literally taking our bond and one of his life works with him to the grave. So typical him. Until the Last Breath and Beyond. One of a kind. His wife and daughter cried during their last moments together, standing at the back of the hearse, realizing that when the back door of the car closed, husband and father would be gone forever. His brother and mother were in tears too. I felt so sorry for them. Only a few weeks ago, Walter’s father had died, too. Heavy blows to their family. “Finished! The end!” my wife said, almost in anger, when the hearse drove away with Walter. Voicing her grief that Walter’s time on earth, with us, had so suddenly come to an end. Expressing how unfair it was that “this was it”. How soon life can be over. His mother told me how often he mentioned our friendship and band. And how glad he would have been, if only he knew I’d been there. I wanted to put my hand on her shoulder but couldn’t because of the Corona situation. Distances had to be kept. I answered he would have done the same for me. “Certainly” she said “How often he mentioned you, Gunther here, Gunther there. Always…” and she lowered her head breaking into tears. I felt pain in my chest upon hearing that. Because aren’t the most beautiful signs of pure friendship those positive words that are said to others, when you can’t hear them? It reminded me of the beautiful words I read in our guitarist Philip’s diary after his death. Those who talk good behind your back, who praise or defend you when you’re not around, are the best friends one can dream of and must be cherished forever. Like family. For they are rare, exceptional souls in this selfish and shallow world of today. His cousin, who knows and appreciates our work said “Keep going with the group. That’s what Walter would’ve wanted”. He made a fist and hit his chest, aiming at the heart. An older man, speaking with interruptions as he was feeling emotional , asked for the title of the A.R. song that had just been played, he wanted to search for it. “Samarkand” I answered. Walter’s cousin added he had all the albums and would help him out. A few days ago, I saw a short clip that Walter’s colleagues, of the Stella Artois factory, had made. At the office, overlooking the brew kettles Walter was responsible for, they had put up an AR poster and a print of the memorial card, I had made for Facebook. Beautiful gesture. His colleagues wished us strength. We expressed our condolences to Iana and Arina, our eyes crossed but what could one say more, his daughter was staring at the ground. From a distance I waved one last time to his old mother, who waved back. Losing husband and child, within a few weeks, how hard life can be.

Walter was dedicated and successful on so many fronts, not only the band. As a beloved father and husband, also as an appreciated colleague at work. Always giving a 100% in whatever he did. I recall how he told me, 20 years ago, that he hoped he’d still be able to play his intensive drum parts at the age of 50. “Perhaps I’m forced to play slow Devilish Rock, style Danzig. I can live with that” he used to joke. Fact is he still could play as fast as ever. Even taking technical and speed levels higher along the way. I used to tease him, saying he had the easy part in the band because he was sitting down on a drum stool on stage. And that he should be ashamed for not hiding his laziness. That made him laugh, while sweat was pouring down from him, after a show. Of course he knew I was joking. We teased each other all the time. Often we used to burst out in laughter, at work or being alone, suddenly remembering inside jokes and situations that were difficult to explain to people who hadn’t lived it. I could write a book of funny stories. Ironic, as a young guy, he worried about his future condition. It was better than ever. Who could have taught, out of the blue, it would be his heart, giving in. Perhaps because he put his heart so completely in all that he did, never settling for less…Walter was a silent but steady rock one could build on with an old school mentality and morals that are of a rare quality nowadays. Never put his ego first, he went for the collective, always having the best for the band in mind. He was offered to play in bigger bands than us, he refused the money and position. “Ancient Rites is what I am, it is our life work. Money and fame can’t buy that”. How many would not have deserted? Not Walter. Showing backbone, loyalty and dedication, facing all storms without a blink of an eye. We never complained when things were going bad or found ourselves in deep “sh*t”. Even when the world and everything worked against us, we simply soldiered on and even laughed about it, trying to outsmart fate, prove the world wrong without caring about their opinion. A real trooper. He was so eager to continue the saga of our band: “We must continue, more powerful than ever” he said, last time I saw him, a few weeks ago (for which I am grateful now). He was busy building a rehearsal room for us, in his new house. “We’ll write and record this new album, even more away from the mainstream and without compromise, harder than ever. And go out and play, keeping that old school spirit/flame alive! So people will remember us for who and what we were!” and you clenched your fist, giving a symbolic blow. What a Giant he was… The honor of knowing him and having him as a close friend, was completely mine. Nothing will be the same again. Rest assured, he will be remembered. Rest in Power, Walter brother. The hardest part for me, apart from everything else? The little things that suddenly seem to be important. Isn’t it always so, when you lose a beloved person? The loss hits you with “small” things, details that were no details after all. A word, an expression, a look of understanding, a hug, a joke, typical manners. Now I must laugh alone about our old jokes because there’s no one left to remember them. And that feels damn lonely. But this isn’t about me. One can’t be selfish in times like this. I feel so sad for you and your beloved ones, Walter.

One last fun anecdote: Once I told Walter I had started drumming. And had learnt some things he never did. “You can show me” he said. So I went behind his drum kit and started hitting the cymbal stands, not the cymbals themselves, I played his drums upside down, hitting the bottoms of the skins from underneath, and did a rick tick rhythm on the screws. “ You’re a pioneer” he laughed “You only use those parts of a drum kit you’re not supposed to use!”. “It is more avant-garde. Total Crap. But arty and differently modern!” I answered. I used to make him laugh on stage too, when the crowd didn’t notice. When he was playing highly technical things, I faced him and made a hidden hand move, saying it was not that good, only “so and so”. But when he played a simple thing, like a rhythm to indicate the countdown to start a song, I put on an expression of amazement, pointing with open mouth at how fantastic it was what he just did. He then had to look away, I saw him nodding his head trying to hide his laughter. I will miss our nonsense, my dear comrade. I must confess to you that now I laugh and weep at the same time, remembering those details.

Farewell Walter brother. I hope you like the new card I made.

Gunther on behalf of Ancient Rites.

19 March 2021

Farewell to Walter. ​

​ With a heavy heart Ancient Rites has to inform you about the passing…I can’t do it like this. Walter. I…You know, brother. We never needed any words to understand. You were the only one left from the very beginning of this turbulent Ancient Rites adventure, dating back to the 80’s. You were there as our drum roadie, during the first rehearsals. When our drummer Stefan died, soon after the recordings of our demo, we asked you to step in his shoes. You were wondering if you could do it. I remember your smile of disbelief but feeling welcomed, when our guitarist Philip encouraged you with humour, saying you played so powerful, that he could feel a shift in the air. Soon after you joined, Philip died, too. But he was right. We all knew it was an exaggeration but you got the picture, we believed in you. And what a fantastic drummer you became. Actually you never made any mistakes, like a machine following the click track. Sooner prepared than any of us when it came to performing new material, like clockwork. No hesitation. Spot on. Always. Once you took your place in the band, you never left, until your last breath (alas literally!) loyal to Ancient Rites. Good times, bad times, good press, hate press, glorification or boycotts, no matter the obstacles, you never stopped the fight. It never crossed your mind to give in. Also a loyal ally when it came to keep the old school flame burning, to keep the legacy alive, without compromise preserving our identity. You enjoyed playing the old school set again, a tribute to the early band years and indirectly our youth. Much to our surprise, both gigs sold out within hours and the response at both shows were intense and heart-warming. Despite Corona, you came to our house several weeks ago, to pick up a shirt for your daughter, who recently got into Metal. You were thrilled about the re-releases of our first two albums. Also about the good news that we were offered a new record deal. Immediately, you had the same idea I was playing with: “Now we should record an album, even more raw and furious than our first recordings. In your face material”. Also the rest of the band agreed on the plan. You wanted to go out and play, not performing a weak “soulless” copy of “what was”, but as fierce as ever, giving it a 100%, making clear the fire within hadn’t faded yet. To go out with a blast, as it were, to complete the circle. Gigs were offered or scheduled throughout Europe. Also proposals to play Asia, North, South and Central America. Corona intervened but we’d be ready if the tide would turn. Two days before you suddenly passed away because of an unexpected heart attack, I said in an interview we would give it all we’ve got. But that life is unpredictable and over before you know it. That nothing can be taken for granted. We have seen too many people in and surrounding our band vanish, due to car accidents, health issues, suicide. We have learnt to expect the unexpected. But still. My words weren’t cold yet and I received the devastating news that now you were gone, too. Another person on the unfortunate list of A.R. casualties. Surreal. I always believed you would be the one in the future talking in a past tense about me. Today, I will phone the Funerarium and make an appointment, hoping they’ll find a moment for us to come and say farewell, with my wife and some of the old crew. Nothing will be the same again. Our heart goes out to your wife Iana and young daughter Arina, what a tragedy came upon them. Rest assured, that all of your friends and worldwide supporters of the band, will always cherish your memory. For who you were and for your talent. I am glad that last year, I actually told you what a fantastic drummer I always thought you were. That my father and I had been talking about that. You reacted a bit surprised like “what has suddenly come over him?” But you smiled your typical smile and looked content “Allee jong?!” you said, which is hard to translate, “really, man?” could come close. We never needed words but somehow I felt the urge to say it out loud, after decades. Glad I did. Also that I expressed how much I valued our personal bond. Isn’t it often so that people often regret things they never said to someone dear, when it’s too late? Perhaps it sounds overly dramatic but playing in a band like Ancient Rites always implicated more than just making music together. One had to stand firm without support of business men and the negative reactions one encountered from those outside of the underground scene, ruling the mainstream. Walter always stood our ground, withstanding pressure, without blinking an eye, as well. That is why I feel like an old trooper in the trenches, who at the final days of the war, looks to his right side, and suddenly notices an empty spot that never was there before. Who watches down in disbelief and see that his comrade, the only one left from day one, has fallen. Feeling flabbergasted, shocked, not knowing what to say or do. Feeling lonely, now the only one left remembering it all. And pretend for the sake of the other troopers, that the mud and dirt of the trenches, caused an irritation of the eyes, this happens, dust in the eyes. But you would know better, Walter. Farewell my brother in Arms. I cannot believe I am writing this. Thank you for all, not only for your talent and everlasting support but also for your brotherhood, that went far beyond music. Words are never enough and all seem superficial to describe feelings that go back for decades, a lifetime, actually. I think I feel that same dust down my throat, as I am typing this…Spread the word my friends, an Ancient One has fallen, way too young, once again. Honour his memory, the press probably won’t but you can. Remember him Ancient Hordes, from the depths of the real underground.

​ Gunther, on behalf of Ancient Rites.

3 October 2020

Due to imposed measures in connection with COVID-19, ANCIENT RITES will not be able to perform in Poland this month. Therefore the shows have been rescheduled to next year. At October the 22nd we will perform in Warzaw and at October the 23rd we will come to Wroclaw.

11 June 2020

Splendid news regarding ANCIENT RITES! For decades our early albums have been sold out. Still only available as overpriced collector�s items. SOULSELLER RECORDS lived the ancient scene and take pride in re-releasing unavailable pioneering albums of the genre. They set up a licensing deal with our old label. We have been collecting unpublished pictures of the era, wrote liner notes regarding the background of the albums and have been gathering old & new artwork. We felt it was important to make these re-releases worthwhile. We are not involved with the financial aspects of this initiative, so if interested, please order directly from the label. But as independent underground musicians, we do applaud/support SOULSELLER RECORDS for investing their time and money in the history & legacy of ANCIENT RITES, by making our first two albums available again on CD and LP. Like old companions to the underground veterans, and a taste of the Old School Days for the new generations. Against the Mainstream Forever. Gunther, on behalf of Ancient Rites

8 December 2019

Ancient Rites will return to Polish soil in October 2020. At Friday the 23rd of October, we will play live in Warsaw at Club Voodoo, and the next day at the 24th of October we are invited to do a show in Wroclaw at Klub Muzyczny Liverpool. We are absolutely stoked to come back to Poland!

23 November 2019

Ancient Rites. 31 years later. Still against the Mainstream. No Glamour, no concessions, no music industry agenda. Evil Prevails!
Gunther on behalf of AR.

28 July 2019

Ancient Rites will perform at UNDER THE BLACK SUN for the very first time, and on this occasion, Ancient Rites will do a very special old school set, which will feature only songs from their very first two albums "The Diabolic Serenades" and "Blasfemia Eternal". Some of these songs haven't been performed on German soil for ages.

19 July 2019

Ancient Rites will play at Frietrock Metal Fest in Oud-Turnhout

25 April 2019

Ancient Rites will play an exclusive old school set at De Verlichte Geest in Roeselaere at Sat. 26th of October

28 October 2018

Ancient Rites will play at Detonation "A Full Day Of Metal" at The Red Pinguin in Mol at Sat. 23rd of February

03 October 2018

Ancient Rites will play at Doc's Blackfest II on the 15th of February

13 September 2018

Ancient Rites will play at Malta Doom Metal Fest on the 19th of October

25 January 2018

Another gig of Ancient Rites has been confirmed. We will play at Veneration Of The Dead VI in Baroeg Rotterdam at the 31st of March.

19 January 2018

Ancient Rites will hit the stage again. We will play live at De Verlichte Geest in Roeselaere at the 28th of April.

20 June 2017

Ancient Rites will return to Greece on the 17th of September

8 February 2017

Ancient Rites featured in regional paper called "Rondom"

9 November 2016

24 October 2016

6 May 2016

1 February 2016

1 February 2016

In a few days, Ancient Rites will embark on the Independence of the Seas to perform at the original 70000 Tons of metal!

6 September 2015

We had a blast in Bretagne @ Motocultor Festival! Merçi Beaucoup!

29 July 2015

Back in the 80's, when the band was founded and no soul on this planet cared for our work, we would never have believed that one day we would be asked to perform on an exotic Cruise from the USA to the Carribean. That seemed rather Alien to us. All we knew were dark cellars. Miracles do happen and it seems we'll be on board of 70000 Tons of Metal, the biggest Metal Cruise ever! Hope we can play in the shadow, that the pirates entering the ship will share their rhum and that the sharks won't bite too hard as we sink

Best Regards on behalf of Ancient Rites,

14 July 2015

The merchandise section has been updated! A new T-shirt design "Soul Invictus" and the comic "Van Roy en Sid - Devil's Charm *The Ancient Curse* created by Gunther are added to our Merchandise

1 July 2015

Breaking news! Ancient Rites will perform at the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise!

31 March 2015

Today, March 31st, our album "Laguz" is officially released in the USA/Canada and easier available to the Hordes across the Atlantic.

20 February 2015


Stream and get your copy of Ancient Rites' new album Laguz here:

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*WiMP only available in DK, DE, NO, PL, SE

12 February 2015

Preorder our new album "Laguz" on iTunes and download the instant grat track "Carthago Delenda Est" right away! Click here � i-Tunes

23 January 2015

Ancient Hordes/Leg. I - XVIII, exactly a month from now our new album "Laguz" will be released. Prepare to enter the portals to long forgotten worlds, obscure histories, philosophies and the darker side. The countdown begins. The universe of Ancient Rites awaits.

3 December 2014

26 October 2014

The new A.R. album has been recorded. Midst the production now. Those who appreciate the style will relate.

3 August 2014

Ancient Rites has been working hard on the pre-production of a brand new album. The band will enter the German SPACELAB studios in October which is their steady haven since the "Fatherland" album. One can expect a combination of fierce Metal combined with filmic orchestration and a lyrical journey into long forgotten worlds true to Ancient Rites style. Limits will be pushed. A new Chapter is being written. An Ancient Journey continued.

30 October 2013

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

30 photos from Occultfest, Hoogeveen

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30 June 2013

A gig has been confirmed! Ancient Rites will perform at Occultfest, Hoogeveen in The Netherlands on Saturday the 7th of September.

9 June 2013

The section Articles has been updated

6 May 2013

Unfortunately, we have to mention that our gig at the Hell Indoor Fest in Hellendoorn which was supposed to take place at the 25th of May has been cancelled (again). It's needless to say that we are disappointed, and we know that AR troopers were also looking forward to see us again.

17 April 2013

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25 photos from Baroeg, Rotterdam

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The Biography has been updated

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16 October 2012

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36 photos from Dokk'em Open Air, Barnwird

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3 October 2012

Unfortunately, we have to mention that our gig at the Hell Indoor Fest in Hellendoorn which was supposed to take place at the 20th of October is cancelled, due to circumstances beyond our control.

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


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32 photos from Stadsfeestzaal, Aarschot

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05 January 2012

Finally after some hiatus, we will hit the stage again, on May the 12th at De Stadsfeestzaal in Aarschot. Since it's quite some time ago that we played live, we'd like to do something special for you. E-mail your 10 favourite Ancient Rites songs to and we will select the most popular songs to feature in our setlist for the upcoming show.

19 April 2009

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21 photos from Parochiezaal, De Klinge

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30 December 2008

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11 photos from AVV Fest in Diksmuide (B)

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18 photos from Aaltjsrock in Lelystad (NL)

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13 photos from Heathen Crusade 3 Festival in St. Paul, MN (USA)

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16 photos from JH Tentakel, Wippelgem

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1 December 2008

Ancient Rites is confirmed to play at JH Tentakel in Wippelgem, Belgium on the 19th of December 2008. Some other bands on the bill are: Oceans of Sadness, Warchitecture, Dead hand draw etc.

22 November 2008

Ancient Rites is confirmed to play on Eldfesten in K�ping, Sweden on Friday May 1st, 2009

12 September 2008

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18 photos from Elsrock, Rijssen

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3 September 2008

Much to our regret, our gig in Moscow is cancelled.

4 August 2008

New gigs have been confirmed! Ancient Rites will play at Coyote Open Air in Moscow on the 20th of September, and Ancient Rites will perform at Aaltjesrock on the 25th of October.

27 July 2008

Unfortunately much to our regret, we have to mention that Ancient Rites will not perform at MHF's Summer Camp 2008. We are very sorry but the organisation failed to book flight-tickets for us.

17 May 2008

Unfortunately we have to mention that Ancient Rites and some other great bands will not perform at Lagoa Burning Live 2008.

12 May 2008

We are proud to announce that we are confirmed for the Heathen Crusade Metalfest in the United States which will take place in St. Paul, Minnesota.

4 May 2008

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

25 photos from the Balcanic Tour

Thanks to Marc for providing those.

1 May 2008

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

21 photos from Dynamo, Eindhoven

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.

12 March 2008
Another gig in Belgium is confirmed. Ancient Rites will play at A.V.V.-Fest, Diksmuide on Saturday the 27th of September. Some of the other bands are Lion's Pride, Klauwaert, Zwartketterij etc.

21 March 2008
Another gig in The Netherlands is confirmed. Ancient Rites will play at Elsrock Festival, Rijssen on Saturday the 30th of August.

25 February 2008

We are proud to announce that we are going to do a gig in Lithuania. Ancient Rites will pe playing at Kilkim Zaibu festival at the 7th of June.

23 February 2008

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

12 photos from Staden

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.

9 December 2007

Another gig in The Netherlands is confirmed. Ancient Rites will play in Dynamo, Eindhoven again on Friday the 18th of April.

14 November 2007 Unfortunately, we have to announce that the dates in Bulgaria are cancelled. Hopefully, we can return to Bulgaria another time. However, another gig has been confirmed! ANCIENT RITES will perform at LAGOA BURNING LIVE 2008 in Portugal on the 25th of July

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

32 photos from our recent gig at Biebob

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing most of those.

31 October 2007

We are proud to announce that we are going to do a mini-tour through the Balcan. The dates can be seen above.

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

20 photos from Nevelfest 2007

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.

30 August 2007
Another gig in Belgium is confirmed. Ancient Rites will play in Biebob, Vosselaar (B) again on Friday the 19th of October.

31 May 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE: Again! "Ancient" photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

5 photos from Sjelter, Leiderdorp 1998

Keep an eye on this site, there are still more "Ancient" photos which will be uploaded soon!

30 May 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE: "Ancient" photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

9 photos from Dynamo Club 1998


29 May 2007

Another gig is confirmed. Ancient Rites will be headlining Frostrock 2008 in Staden, Belgium!

WEBSITE UPDATE: Some older photos are added:


In the Live section you'll find

15 Photos from our gig in Wageningen, The Netherlands and

15 photos from our gig in Goes, The Netherlands

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.

In the Live section, you'll also find

6 photos from our gig in Veerle 1997, Belgium

Expect more "ancient" photos from our archives to be put on-line during the next few months. So keep an eye on the live section. Some of you might already have noticed that the order of the photos in the Live section have been altered. And as mentioned before, more Trooper and Live photos are always welcomed, so feel free to send your photos to Gunther and he'll make sure that they are forwarded to the relevant webmaster(s).


20 May 2007
Another gig in Belgium is confirmed. Ancient Rites will be headlining the outdoor stage of Nevelfest 2007!

5 May 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

9 photos from our gig in Bietigheim, Germany

Thanks to Katleen for providing those.

And also in the Live section you'll find

19 photos from our gig in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.


25 April 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

8 photos from Nepherex Fest 2007

Thanks to Evelien, Rebecca and Bert for providing those.


25 March 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

8 photos from Oostende 2007

Thanks to Evelien Leyns for providing those.


20 March 2007

WEBSITE UPDATE: New photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find

21 photos from Dordrecht 2007

Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.


08 March 2007
Two gigs in Germany are confirmed. You can find information about those gigs in the section above. For additional information about the Darkness Ablaze Release Party in Bietigheim, you can click on the following link (Link to Map)

14 February 2007
The collaboration with guitarist Raf came to an end as it was for the best for all parties involved. Rafs' guitar duties are taken over by Domingo who now plays his third instrument within the band.

02 February 2007
LIVE UPDATE : Another gig in The Netherlands has been confirmed. Ancient Rites will be playing at Gigant in Apeldoorn. This gig will take place on April 27th! Check the upcoming gigs on a regular basis in the section above.

WEBSITE UPDATE: Some profiles updated, and the past gigs section updated

12 November 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE: More new photos have been added:


In the Live section you'll find photos from

3 photos from Dracma, Torino from autumn 1996

14 photos from Graspop, June 1999



11 November 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE: Raf has been going through his photo collection and has provided us with some great photos from the earlier years:

In the Live section you'll find photos from

Engelsdorf from the autumn of 1996.


In the Related section, you'll find new two photos from 1996.

In the Troopers section, you'll find Raf and two Troopers from 1996.


In the Live section you'll also find a new section of "Life on the Road" photos from Ancient Rites in Spain from August 2006.



7 November 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE: Live photos from Biebob on October 21, 2006 have been added to the Live section. Click here to take you directly there.


23 October 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE: New Trooper Mail has been added to the Textual section. Click here to take you directly there.


17 October 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE: The Ancient Rites has been updated once again with new photos.

In the Live Section you'll find photos from:
Ancient Rites second gig ever at JC Tijl, Diest, Belgium April 19, 1990
Festival Death, Salle des fetes, Saint Martin, France, November 28, 1992
Live foto's from 1996-1997

Axion Hall, Geel, Belgium August 6, 2000

In the Trooper section you'll find 2 new photos.
In the Signed section you'll find a photo of Ancient Rites early line up, taken somewhere in England from the early 90's.
In the Related photos you'll find 3 new photos.

To view any of the above, go to the Visual section and then click the appropriate section  or follow the links above to take you there directly:

7 October 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE : New Live photos have been added to the Visual section. See Live photos and click the appropriate section or follow the links below to take you there directly:



- Live at Pavilh�o Carlos Lopes, Lisbon, Portugal January 15, 1994
- Live at  Garatge Club, Barcelona, Spain, June 21 1996 with guest guitarist Mike of Pentacle
- Live at Dragon's Blaze Festival, Beveren-Leie, Belgium, July 13, 1996
- Live at Next Club Athens, June 1, 1997
- Live at Dynamo Open Air, Mierlo, Holland May 23, 1999

- Live at Graspop June 27, 1999 (6 new photos have been)


29 September 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE : New Rubicon buttons are now available. See Merchandise for more info.


18 September 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE : Live photos from the Ancient Rites gig at the Staddijk in Nijmegen, Netherlands from Saturday, September 16 are now online in the Live Section. To go directly to those photos,  click here.


16 September 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE : New photos have been added to the Troopers, Related and Live sections.  More Trooper and Live photos are always welcomed, so feel free to send your photos to Gunther and he'll see to it that they are forwarded to the relevant webmaster/s.


3 September 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE : New Live photos have been added to the Visual section.

For those who are interested in Gunther's lyrics, you can find them all in the Textual section as well as the Discography. The liner notes in the Rubicon cd were trimmed down due to limited space, but here and only here on the AR website, you can find the extended version of Gunther's liner notes and lyrics, straight from Gunther's pc to you!


1 September 2006

WEBSITE UPDATE : The Rubicon CD as well as new Rubicon t-shirts/girlies are now available through the Ancient Rites website. See Merchandise for more info. Also,  stop by the Visual section, where you'll see that all of the photo links have also been updated.

21 August 2006
LIVE UPDATE : After a long silence, there's another big live update : Ancient Rites will be playing at the Biebob in Vosselaar, effectively returning to the venue where the Live DVD was recorded. Mark your calendars for October 21st!

19 May 2006
LIVE UPDATE : This is a big one! The organisers of the Graspop Metal Meeting contacted the band just a few hours ago to tell them Ancient Rites will NOT play on Friday the 23rd of June on the Metaldome stage. Instead, Ancient Rites will now take the slot alotted to U.S. death metallers Deicide at Marquee 1 on Saturday the 24th! As you might know, Deicide canceled their european tour and this included a gig at GMM. According to the GMM organisation, Ancient Rites is the perfect subtitute to fill this slot. While the band will not headline, they all feel it's worthwile to make the exchange. So, update your calendars so the Hordes will stand as one on the 24th of June!

15 May 2006
LIVE UPDATE : It has been whispered about, suggested, dreamed of, and flat out demanded by many, but we can now say the rumour is true : ANCIENT RITES WILL BE PLAYING AT THE GRASPOP METAL MEETING! The band will headline at the Metal Dome on Friday June 23rd, starting from 9pm. This will actually be the very first gig in home soil in support of the new album 'Rvbicon', which officially hits the music shops as of today! So get out here and buy it, start memorizing those songs and prepare yourselves for the 23rd!

4 May 2006
LIVE UPDATE : Ancient Rites will be playing at the Extreme Aggression Festival in Leeuwarden, Holland on June 10th. It will mark the first gig in support of Rvbicon. Meanwhile, the band debuted four songs of the album at their London gig last weekend. All four - Templar, Mithras, Rubicon and Invictus - were greeted with much enthusiasm by the English audience. Pictures of the gig will be added soon. Meanwhile, the guys are gearing up for the Ultima Ratio Festival in Krefeld, Germany this weekend. More live dates all over Europe are in the works and will be added soon.

29 March 2006
RVBICON UPDATE : Season Of Mist has recently uploaded an mp3 of one of the Rvbicon songs for you to download. Go here to get a first sneak peek of the song 'Templar' and enjoy!

20 February 2006
RVBICON UPDATE : This is the one we've all been waiting for! Ancient Rites' record company, Season Of Mist, has set a release date for 'Rvbicon'. We're pleased to announce that May 15th will be The Day To Cross The River. Shortly thereafter, Ancient Rites plans to play a record release gig. The date and venue will be confirmed soon!

14 February 2006
RVBICON UPDATE : Last weekend, a listening party was held for the members of the press.The overall reactions to hearing 'Rvbicon' for the first time were unanimously positive. Meanwhile, the band have decided to release Rvbicon's track list, which you can find here.

13 February 2006

Live gig news! The venue for the Infernal Damnation Fest has been changed to the Purple Turtle Club, also in Camden, London. You can take a look at the flyer here.

8 January 2006

BIG UPDATE! The recording process for the new album is now finished and the band has named the album : from now on, prepare to cross the RUBICON soon! Yes, 'Rubicon' will be the upcoming album's name. As far as song titles are concerned, these will be revealed after the album's final mix, which is not that far off anymore. From there to Rubicon's release will still take some time, but nevertheless the countdown can begin! In the mean time, AR will prepare for the new live assault this upcoming Spring.

Some site news : because of several cases of abuse for purposes which have nothing to do with the band as well as the recent spamming wave, the band has unanimously decided to terminate the band forum. While they regret having to act this way, they feel it's for the best interest of everyone. And they are not intent on leaving you, the Troopers, out in the cold. From now on, there will be a page, entirely dedicated to comments and emails you send in about Ancient Rites. So send your comments and questions to The mails will of course be monitored for offensive content before being published. Other site news is that the Visual page will soon be updated with several previously unseen pictures. Think Dynamo, Graspop and the Autumn '96 tour as well as the gigs done in 2005.

That's it for this round of news, but we'll soon return with more updates about Rubicon!

1 January 2006

A very dark and metal- packed new year to all you loyal troopers! It's shaping up to be a good year for the AR guys, what with the new album nearing completion and the live gigs that will inevitably follow its release. Davy has just left Spacelab after a two week stint there, which leaves Gunther to put in the final effort before mixing the album. We were treated to a little sneak peek of the instrumental versions of a couple of songs and without revealing too much, we can say the new album will be another step up! Gunther has come up with another batch of great lyrics, so it's safe to say no one will be disappointed when listening to this album. We can't reveal anything just yet, but it won't be long now before everything about the new album will be made public. Keep your eyes peeled on these pages in the upcoming weeks!

19 December 2005

By popular demand : another recording update. Bart, Erik and Raf have finished recording the guitar tracks and the new album is now starting to take shape. Davy is up next, laying down the keyboard tracks and other assorted orchestrations.

3 December 2005

A quick update on the recording process : everything is going well. So far, all drum and bass parts have been recorded. Guitars are up next. Also, a second live date has been confirmed : AR will be playing at the Underworld in Camden, London at the Infernal Damnation Fest on April 29th.

21 November 2005

The first firm concert date for 2006 has been confirmed : Ancient Rites will be headlining at the Ultima Ratio 2 Festival in Krefeld, Germany on May 6th. More dates will be confirmed in the next few weeks/months. Just check the Upcomig Gigs space above this section regularly.

Yesterday marked the last day of preproduction for the band, who are in full recording mode as of today. We checked the band out during last rehearsal. The mood was excellent and spirits are high. Rest assured they'll put in their best effort in the studio!

17 November 2005

The long wait is finally over : Ancient Rites are heading back to the studio to record the long awaited follow- up to 2001's Dim Carcosa! Not only that, they are pleased to announce that they have found a new record label in Season of Mist, also the home of bands like the legendary Mayhem, Rotting Christ and Arcturus. Needless to say the band is really happy with both the new label as well as the fact they'll be heading back to the Spacelab Studios come November 21st to record the new album under the guidance and supervision of veteran AR producers Oliver Phillips and Christian Moos.

The album will probably be released some time in the first quarter of 2006, after which AR will once again play live in support of the new album. Concerts all over Europe and the U.K. are being negotiated and arranged as we speak, so expect the band to be out there in full blast next year!

12 October 2005

The new Ancient Rites Homepage is online. The Graphix part is finished. Still a lot of updating in progress. Awaiting Gunther's approval.

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